What do I need to travel to Romania alone?


Hello, I’m a 19 year old living in San Jose, California and I want to travel to Romania to meet a few pen pals that I have known for many years now. The reason why I plan to travel alone is because I have no friends to go with me. Also, since I live with my parents, I want to keep it as a secret that I will be meeting someone there.
Anyways, what do I need to bring there? Do I need my passport, travel insurance, etc? Also, how much money should I bring? I plan to go for a hostels since hotels are really expensive. Currently, I have a job and I’m saving enough money to travel for one week either next January or next summer. Are there any tips that anyone can give me here?
This is also my first time going abroad. also, do I need to contact the consulate in San Francisco, If so, what do I ask?



n iulian

europeans to go in romania dont need passport i think cuz is a EU country but prolly americans need. What mean “pen pals”?… If u come in capital, i live there and probably i can guide you… my yahoo id is iulicul. And i think if with a monthly salary from america u can buy a bike there, for example, in romania u can buy with this salary 3 bikes, thats is the difference i think. We are cheap

Dina Dor

It is not wise to go to a different country without letting your parents know. Do not travel alone and do not trust anyone. Bad things might happen to you and nobody will know. What makes you trust your friends from there? You will need a passport and plane tickets. Also romania is not cheap. Been there. Like any other country you can find cheap and expensive stuff. :)


Passport (possibly a visa: check with Romanian embassy nearest you). Check with expedia.com for flights (purchase flight cancellation – health travel insurance at the same time) Check with couchsurfing.com and hostelworld.com for lodgings.

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