How much money will I need to travel to Norway for a few months or more?

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The spring and summer of 2011 I’m planning to travel to Norway and would like to know how much I should have. We’re also talking about going to other countries (I want to go to Romania to see Dracula’s castle, my dad wants to go to Italy), so may anyone who has traveled Europe please share with us about how much money we’ll need to take?


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Norway is incredibly expensive (along with Denmark, the most expensive countries in Europe). Food and lodging are particularly expensive. You don’t mention how many people are going, what sort of accommodation you expect, how much you plan on going out, etc. Even staying in hostels is expensive here, private rooms and hotels much more so.

private double room (hostel or guest house): 600-800 NOK
double room (hotel): 1200+ NOK
1-course meal at a cheap restaurant, with water: 150-200 NOK
dinner: 400+ NOK
local and regional transportation: expensive

I would recommend at least 1000 NOK per person per day ($ 175 USD, €122) in Norway. In daily living expenses, I pay more than twice the costs of living in the UK, and 3-4x the US. Without a better itinerary, it’s difficult to estimate the costs of travelling elsewhere in Europe. Romania and Italy are a long way from Norway.

You should also know that many of the fjord tours in Norway don’t start back up until May, and most of the really beautiful places aren’t easy to access by car until the snows melt. Major cities won’t be a problem, but if you want to actually tour Norway, summer is the best time. Norway is also in the Schengen zone, which means if you’re a tourist from outside most of Europe, you can stay in all of the countries combined for a maximum of 90 days out of every 180.

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