Is it safe for a 19 year old girl to go backpacking through Europe alone?


I don’t have anyone that will go with me so I still want to go even if I’m alone. I would be going to Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Romania, and also the United Kingdom. I am leaving from salt lake city, Utah which is one of the safer states in America. I know some people say i shouldn’t go because i don’t speak the languages but i speak French fluently and also I know allot of Italian.






I would bring a friend because a lot of people steal per there and international people(illegal people) roam around those countries that can be dangerous

Marilyn T

You want to go to so many different places, some safer then others.
Off hand I would have to tell no a big NO.
It is not safe for a 19 year old to backpack by herself.
Maybe go with a group, French is good in France but can only take you so far.
I have been to Romania with my husband and would not dream of going backpacking there even with friends.
Are you planning on going on tour buses or hitching rides?
My sister was 20 years old, married but got a free trip to the UK and France from our eldest sister in 1969-70.
They split up as one sis wanted to stay in the UK so the other used the tickets and went over to France by herself.
She was walking in a small village when this weird guy tried to push her into his car, she ran away and got bit on the hand by a dog.
Not fun.
Rapists and weirdo’s do not care what language you speak, I wouldn’t go by yourself unless you are dressed like a man or very ugly, even then…
I was about to Edit my answer but noticed the quick TD, ok then if you only want to hear it is safe then go, nice knowing you, have a will written out before you go.


Well I wouldn’t advise you to go to Romania by yourself, other countries are fine.

Orla C

You’d be fine without the languages. Fluent French and some Italian will be helpful, but are not necessary. Most people who work in tourism or the hospitality industry in all of those countries have some English.

The only thing you’d want to be careful about is the fact that you’re very young and on your own. For this trip, seeing as it’s your first time, I’d suggest joining some kind of a group. Being on your own in a different country can be rather overwhelming.

Alex G

You’ll be fine – don’t worry. Just skip Romania. Or maybe you will make friends while traveling in the other countries and someone will want to go to Romania with you. Stay in youth hostels and make lots of friends and hang out with people so you’re not always alone, especially at night.

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