Is it cheap to stay in youth hostels in eastern europe?


I wanted to know how much money it would be to stay in hostels in Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Austria! thanks heaps.




Bulgaria and Serbia would be really cheap, Slovakia probably too, Austria is a bit higher level so probably the most expensive of all 4. Don’t forget trains in Europe are dirt cheap in comparison to the US so this could be a great way to travel.


I’m a peace corps volunteer living in Romania. I’ve had the chance to travel around a little bit (Serbia, Romania) and I’ve had the pleasure of staying at a few hostels. I would recommend scouring the net for those hostels that are affiliated with a network. I usually find good deals for about $ 15 or $ 20 a night, but it depends on the city and hostel. In Belgrade, you’re looking at around $ 25 per night. The most important thing to look for though is not so much the price as the security and living conditions.

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